shows ~
 Here is a listing of my upcoming craft shows:

July 1st - July 9th
10-6pm;wknds til 8
Kutztown Folk Festival 
Kutztown, PA

October 6th & 7th
Springs Folk Festival
Springs, PA

October 14th & 15th
Autumn Glory Festival 
McHenry, MD

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directly & would be happy to
ship directly to you.

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    Cute as a Button    42 Button Lane    Bernville, PA 19506
Angel Lg $15.95 Sm $12.95
seasonal dolls
The ideas are endless for dolls of the holidays. 
I have several materials that I use for my fall doll & witch collection - always looking for yet another new material to dress up my friendly witches.
Along with my collection of angels, holiday dolls and now Santas, adorn the Winter holiday collection. 
I also started making a variety of ornaments approximately 4 years ago. Santas, elves, lil angels, bald baby angels, sno-chicks and now nurses. 
Treetop $19.95
Nurse Ornament $8.95
Lg Poinsetta doll $13.95
Lg Witch doll $15.95/sm $12.95
Lg Christmas Holly & bells $13.95/sm $10.95 (no basket)
Sm Pumpkin Witch $12.95/lg $15.95
Lg. Winter doll $13.95/sm $10.95
Lg Belsnickel Santa doll $15.95
Elf Ornament $8.95
Baby Angel Ornament $8.95
Snowdoll ornament $8.95
Sm Angel $12.95
Sm button doll $10.95
Angel Lg $15.95 Sm $12.95