My Business Philosophy 
The objective of my business is to provide a delightful little shelf sitter that will bring all kinds of enjoyment to the people's lives that they touch. I hope you will enjoy visiting my web site and bringing one of my Button dolls home, as much as I enjoyed creating her for you. 
 The Hidden Meaning    Little did I know that even after I got started creating my Button dolls, there was a hidden meaning behind all of this. My married name means "button" in German!!! How unique is that! I guess it was meant to be all along!
Whose Got the Buttons? 
As a child, a close friend of our family gave us two very large tins full of buttons. That's where the fascination began! I always thought that it would be neat to make something really special with these buttons, never knowing that this is what I would eventually do.
 I started by making dolls with floral and country patterned dresses, and slowly expanded to include many other unique creations. Inspiration comes from trips to fabric stores for new additions to my button family. One look at them and you too will think they are "Cute as a Button"!
 Many of my girls have baskets that hold accessories that coordinate with the dresses that they wear. Baskets of flowers, apples, peppers, laundry, garden tools, seashells, and pumpkins & brooms.

Each year I take pride in coming up with yet another new creations with buttons. My latest addition to the family is a Raggedy Andy button doll to pair up with Raggedy Ann. I am now concentrating on expanding my creations to now include button necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings and earrings. 
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Cute as a Button
Unique Button Creations
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Lg Apple doll $13.95/sm 10.95
Lg. Watermellon doll $13.95/sm $10.95
Lg Sunflower $13.95
Lg Sunflower doll $13.95
Lg. Happy Birthday doll $13.95/sm $10.95
Lg Strawberry doll $13.95
Lg Sheet Music doll $13.95/sm $10.95
Lg Music Instruments doll $13.95/sm $10.95
Sm Happy Birthday doll $10.95