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Button Dolls ~ Mary Knop
Twenty-three years ago, I started making my button dolls while staying home to raise our two young daughters.  
My dolls have arms and legs that are strung with buttons. Each face I hand paint with a cute little smile. They have hand sewn dresses with lace and most have matching accessories that are neatly arranged in little baskets.

A few years ago, I started to come up with new ideas with buttons, and started to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and unique pins. Come visit me at one of my shows and I'm sure you'll be hooked into taking home a unique delight.
I am constantly being inspired by searching fabric stores. Here is a small sampling of my family collection.I acquire my buttons through auctions, estate sales, yard sales, & donations. Every button that I obtain will be eventually used. I will recycle every last one!

My biggest delight is knowing that my dolls help brighten somebody elses life! 

Raggedy Andy Lg $15.95/pair $30
Lg Raggedy Anne $15.95/pair $30
sm $12.95
Lg Beach doll w/bucket shells $13.95
Lg Red Hat doll $13.95
Sm Nurse $10.95 ea
Sm Red Hat doll $10.95 ea
Lg Hello  Kitty doll $13.95/sm $10.95
Sm Flower Power $10.95
Lg Nurse $13.95 Blonde Hair
Lg Nurse $13.95 brown hair
Lg Jessie the Cowgirl $13.95
Lg Multi flower doll $13.95/sm $10.95
Lg Kitchen/Chef doll $19.95
Lg Yoga dogs doll $13.95
Lg Gardening doll $13.95